Intelligence Department

Intelligence Department Operative
The Intelligence Department was built from the ruins of the intelligence agencies of various corporations, planetary governments, and the United Earth Confederation. For his service in the short war that saw the ending of the Kobayashi Regime, Empress Lilith Ami’rah appointed Derek Fayd as the Chief Intelligence Director, many found the acronym appropriate as he took on the nickname “The Cid” for the often totalitarian measures he takes against criminals in various planetary underworlds.

The Intelligence Department answers ultimately to the Empress, though she has proven reluctant to use them in the manner that Fayd seems to prefer. They are equipped and able to act as the Empire’s secret police, due to Fayd’s policies. Empress Ami’rah has never publicly expressed her disgust with the Department, but it is well known amongst government officials.

The Intelligence Department has tendrils in many aspects of Imperial life, as it is up to them to make sure peace reigns and the human race can get back on its feet, no matter the cost.

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Intelligence Department

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