Empire of Terra

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The United Earth Confederation is no more. Only the Empire of Terra stands over the ruins of worlds.

The Empire is charged with the protection of Earth and all her colonies but, somewhat ironically, most of its authority is vested outside the homeworld. Every nation on Earth are technically principalities within the greater whole of the Empire, though the Imperial Seat cannot directly intervene in the affairs of individual nations; the Empire may threaten to withhold defensive spaceborne operations in cases of policy disagreement.

Each colony has a token defense force that trains a local militia in case of emergency, like rebellion or large pirate raids, that are meant to hold out until relief forces arrive in the form of one of the six active Imperial Fleets, built in the orbital docks of Mars and Earth. Most planets do have the means to build warships, but only the megadocks of Sol possesses the ability to construct the largest of the capital-class hulls.
Currently the Empire of Terra is ruled by the Empress Lilith Ami’rah and the Imperial Senate.
The Empire is war-weary and diminished, the Gargoyles and The Corporate Rebellions have all but destroyed its infrastructure, but an attitude of optimism persists as the economy steadily recovers.

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Empire of Terra

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