This the tenth world to be terraformed in the image of Earth.
Officially work began on this world in the year 2570 AD, and it was only opened to colonists in the year 2592 AD. Terraforming will not be complete for another decade or so; in the meantime the planet is incredibly harsh and thousands have died attempting to colonize it. Infusing life onto an otherwise lifeless ball of rock is an arduous task that only the bravest (or the foolish) attempt in the formative years, yet these people are needed to till the land and continue the work that human science began.

Currently TFP-10-2570 is arid and dry; water is still steadily being introduced into the newly imported ecosystem. The first ocean appeared fifteen years prior and now lakes and rivers are forming on the surface. Most colonists begin life as farmers, planting forests where possible and growing food for the rest so that they might all not starve.
It is very costly to import food from the more developed worlds. TFP-10-2570 is slated to begin receiving factories and other more advanced infrastructure in 2616 AD. As of right now, most of the funds are being poured into making the planet as tolerable a place to be as possible, business opportunity will appear later.
A side effect of TFP-10-2570’s developing status is most tech is barely better than it was four hundred years ago, many small townships are appearing across the planet at tech levels comparable to the old west. Government intervention is borderline non-existent so as to encourage growth and corporate backing; taxes will be instituted when the colony actually becomes productive and profitable.

Besides ferrying more colonists planetside and scheduled inspections of planetary weather stability, most of the backing corporations ignore terraforming worlds. Colonists are almost completely on their own, most seem to like it that way.TFP-10-2570 from orbit

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