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The Imperial Senate was established February 20th, 2611 after the Emperor Kobayashi was deposed for his illegal activities and crimes against humanity. The Empress Lilith Ami’rah was chosen as the new ruler of the only just established empire for her popularity with the people of the known universe and her capacity for leadership. The ruling seat has been established as an elected office and the Imperial Senate exists so as to prevent a tyrant from ever rising again.

The Senate is divided into two separate houses that have their own jurisdictions and responsibilities:

The Fleet House rules on matters of defense and allocation of military funds; they also may veto a military order of the Imperial Seat with a 3/4 majority vote.

The Sector House legislates on behalf of each star system in the Empire. A senator may only introduce laws that effect the system that they represent and the Imperial Seat decides whether or not to implement that law.
If the Senator is unhappy with the ruling then he or she may appeal to the rest of the Senate to overturn the Imperial Seat’s ruling on the matter.
Should a law indirectly effect another system in some unforeseen manner then it is the duty of that System’s Representative to make their case for or against the legislation under scrutiny.

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Imperial Senate

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