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March 17th, 2621 AD
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December 23rd, 2610 AD

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October 10th, 2610

The Corporate Rebellions came to end yesterday as the last seceding companies surrendered to the Fleets of Earth. The cost of this war is staggering, especially after being so soon after the Genocide War. The Fleet Admirals have been discussing what to do about the government falling to pieces. There have been rumors of overturning the Confederacy and establishing an Empire, though nothing is confirmed. Debate rages on and you can bet this news upload will keep you informed on the details.


October 3rd, 2605

Today will live forever in the annals of history, Bazaar has formally seceded from the United Earth Confederation, rumor has it that a fleet is being organized to bring the rogue trader planet back into compliance with the UEC, violence is hoping to be avoided, but the UEC girds itself for the worst possible scenario. No officials on either side could be reached for comment.


September 23rd, 2605

Genociders rose from the ground just outside of Kharkiv, Ukraine just yesterday. Hundreds of people lay dead from the attack, all bore the seal of the United Earth Confederation, it was a full day before each robot killing machine was brought down. It appears that the UEC was experimenting with parts of the Alien Genociders, rebuilding them, attempting to create a synthetic soldier perhaps? All that is known that this gross negligence should not go unpunished, the people have already been in doubt as to the ability of the UEC to lead and keep peace and this just might be the final nail in the coffin for the Earth based military government. Several powerful corporations have withdrawn their support entirely from the UEC and have gone rogue, the fleets of Earth prepare for the worst as more and more companies secede every day. Civil War appears to be inevitable now.


September 15th, 2605

Authorities discovered a grisly scene today at a high priority corporate office of Colony Ship manufacturer, Ansi Industries. Two high ranking executives, an Albert Reuse and David Devver, were killed in a gunfight between unknown assailants and a six man security team who was gunned down to a man. It isn’t known the motives behind this heinous attack, but it appears to be random violence, investigations into employees with clearance to this branch is ongoing as police seem to think that this the work of a disgruntled employee. The names of the security officers were not released but we do know that their families are mourning their sudden and brutal demise. Ansi Industries seems to be experiencing a run of criminal bad luck as another executive was kidnapped from his office only three short days ago. Police Sargent Joseph Goeb had this to say to the perpetrators of these incidents,

“Whoever is attacking this business, your criminal acts of terrorism will not be tolerated, we will find you and we will see justice done.”

If you have any details or leads, again you are encouraged to report them to the Police or to Ansi Industries Security Office.


September 12th, 2605

Today marks the anniversary of our deliverance from extinction, but massive damage has been done to the infrastructures of the UEC’s worlds. With the sudden loss of Bazaar and Hub two years ago the economy has been floundering and struggling ever since. The rebuilding effort continues to chug along, but there are many who are still refugees, even after all of this time. Looting and crime have risen noticeably on Constantium as people begin to get desperate for shelter and food. A corporate director of Ansi Industries was kidnapped yesterday at around 2:00 pm in the afternoon. The kidnapped man, Pieter Beschold, is a generous philanthropist, using personal funds to keep the shelters and food checkpoints fully stocked and able to provide for the needy, he has a wife and two children. If anyone knows is whereabouts they are instructed to call the police and/or an Ansi Industries Security Director.


September 13th, 2604

Yesterday marked the destruction of the Alien Genociders at the guns of the fleets of the UEC. Sources tell us the hero of humanity himself, Captain Magnus Hotwiler, delivered the blow that killed a race. We’re not sure what happened in the battle of above our homeworld yesterday, but we do know that we should be grateful to the men and women who gave their lives to hold back the howling dark from devouring us all and especially Captain Magnus, without whom we’d be corpses strewn across the final battlefield. Now is a time to rebuild, not just our worlds and properties, but our spirits and faith in eachother, now is the time to come together.


May 29th, 2604 AD

On the surface of Bazaar, the alien menace still lurks and waits. A warning to all who travel through space, be careful of distress beacons and looping messages, as the Genociders are learning how to set up effective ambushes, who many spacefarer’s of fallen prey to. Captain Magnus Hotwiler and his crew landed planetside yesterday and was attacked by specialized Genocider Types. Now confirmed to be an assassin type, who are already being dubbed “Viper” by combat veterans and survivors of assassination attacks. Humanity’s heroes across our worlds are falling victim to these truly terrifying machines, several dozen veterans of this war having already been found neatly murdered and stuffed into walls, closets, floors, ceilings, etc. The military is mobilizing to aid in the protection of those that remain.


January 31st, 2604

The effects of the destruction of the Nexus System are truly being felt several months later. The stock markets of every world is on the brink of failure and jobs are becoming scarce, as many businesses were based heavily on Bazaar and Hub, they cannot afford to continue. The war against the Genociders, while successful is proving highly expensive, taxes have been rising to meet the demand for more firepower against them. Already rioting has broken out on Earth and Eden in the smaller population centers of each planet. Crime is rising dramatically with the loss of billions of jobs, several lower end suburbs have steadily turned into slums of drug trade and crime. Relations with the Terran Conglomerate are becoming strained as they struggle to pay the increased protection taxes and damage values of the Six Fleets of Earth, negotiations are ongoing.


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