Umbran Technocracy

Umbran Flag
The Umbran Technocracy was established in the year 2373 when a massive failure in their terraforming equipment caused the light of their star to be blotted out of the sky.

The planet was named Umbra since no natural light is able to penetrate the thick clouds of the world. This malfunction also resulted in the loss of communications with Earth. The colonists were stranded without support from the Homeworld, so they turned to the men of science who could best work with the resources of the infant colony.

The scientists became leaders of the newly independent government and they got to work maximizing the efficiency of their limited resources. The Technocracy has seen tremendous strides in the field of cybernetics and miniaturization.

Umbra resides in a large star system with 14 planetary bodies, 6 of them are solid and 2 took to the incredibly advanced terraformation measures developed by the Technocracy.

Umbran Worlds: Branches of Government:
Umbra Judicial Bureau
Haven Intelligence Bureau
Prosperity Communications Bureau

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Umbran Technocracy

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