Monument, located in the Triumph System, was the first planet to be colonized outside of Sol. It had a diverse mix of industry and trade, becoming the quintessential surburbia of the colonies with nothing too specialized or extreme; it wasn’t given over to trade, like Bazaar, and it wasn’t constructed as a monstrous fortress, like Constantium. Monument is the Triumph of Humanity against the myriad obstacles blocking its path to the stars. The colonization of Monument also proved that terraforming an entire planet is possible.

This world was left to the machinations of the Gargoyles for a long while and has been burned clean of all life. It is a lifeless ball that will forever be a monument, no longer to human triumph, but to a time when humanity stared into the abyss of its own annihilation and was very nearly swallowed up. Resuscitating Monument’s ecology is not likely to happen, instead a massive memorial will be constructed to commemorate those who gave their lives protecting the human race.

The scouring of Monument

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