Constantium from orbit
Constantium has a strong sense of martial identity, having met the Gargoyles in open combat on equal terms and winning, a feat they claim not even Earth is able to boast (much to the annoyance of Earthborn citizens).

The months of Gargoyle occupation has colored the psychology of the citizens of Constantium; they are fiercely militant, elevating the soldier to a celebrity status in society.
However, this newfound bravado doesn’t just translate into military chest-thumping, but also bleeds into other aspects of planetary life. For example: Constantine businessmen and politicians have gained a reputation for aggressively strong-arming associates when diplomatic tact might otherwise be preferable. As a people, they have become far more aggressive in almost all aspects of their lives.

When the UEC disintegrated, Constantium had managed to maintain order and a government presence; tentatively observing the social unrest and rioting on the worlds around them.

Capitol: Baykago Bay

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