This world, located in the Nexus System, is the new New York Stock Exchange. It is given completely over to trade, thousands upon thousands of businesses are all represented and exist on this world. It is the accepted seat of the Terran Conglomerate and has almost no military prescence so as to preserve privacy and allow other shadier dealings to happen unimpeded. In the Terran Conglomerate, if you don’t have your headquarters on Bazaar, then you will not survive in the hostile world of business.

Nexus has been rebuilt, better than before. Thousands of humanitarian efforts arose after the tragedy that befell both Bazaar and it’s moon, Hub. The planet’s infrastructure had been almost completely eradicated when the Gargoyles descended from the skies back in 2603 CE. Bazaar’s reconstruction was deemed sufficient for citizens to return in the year 2615.

Capitol: New Geneva

Bazaar viewed from orbit

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