United Earth Confederation

Flag of the UEC
The United Earth Confederation dissolved on December 23rd, 2610.

The precursor to the Empire of Terra, the UEC was established on May 15th, 2451 as a major global depression began to subside and the Terran Conglomerate began to work a positive cashflow into the coffers of nations with colony investments.

It existed only in space, having no authority to intervene in the affairs of nations on Earth but existed mostly to protect the Conglomerate vessels that ferried goods back and forth between worlds. It was the de facto government of all colonies of Earth, since every participating nation had sold off their stake in extraterrestrial projects.
At its height it had seven fleets to wield which were used to nearly eradicate piracy from the stars.

The UEC’s economy and infrastructure would prove ill-equipped to handle the series of disasters that would befall it from 2603 and onward.

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United Earth Confederation

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