Terran Conglomerate

The Terran Conglomerate is a powerful entity made up of hundreds upon hundreds of Corporations and Businesses that all work toward profit and expansion. It is the Terran Conglomerate that funded space exploration and colonization of new worlds, as they were the only ones with the financial backing to pull off such an endeavor. The Conglomerate is embedded upon every world humanity inhabits; they no longer have a true center so they also no longer need the homeworld. The Terran Conglomerate is rife with conflict and internal workings, shady deals and backstabbing. Without the Empire of Terra to patrol the lanes the multitude of Corporate Offices would swarm and devour eachother.

This does not mean that the Terran Conglomerate is helpless. On the contrary many ships are armed with deadly weapons; Merchant Enforcer Vessels (MEVs) help patrol the trading lanes and keep them free of undesirables.

The Conglomerate is based heavily in the Nexus System on Bazaar and its moon, Hub. These worlds are given over entirely to trade; they are the juggernaut of business and a base of operations for thousands of corporations.

Known Affiliated Companies:

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Terran Conglomerate

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