Salvar Space

Wicked's Rest, one of the better known independent enterprises in Salvar Space
An area that was almost exclusively mining operations due to large concentrations of mineral-rich asteroid belts; this changed when the Gargoyles invaded in 2603 and the whole of humanity retreated back to their various homeworlds and the safety they were thought to possess.

After the alien threat had been ended, corporations gradually began to reestablish control over the vast, intricate mining complexes that hollowed out entire asteroids, though this revival would be short-lived.
The Corporate Rebellions, and subsequent collapse of the United Earth Confederation, all but ensured that these facilities would be forgotten since many of their parent corporations were eradicated.

In the present day: they’re now home to vagrants, anti-government radicals, black market networks, and the rest of the unsavory elements that society tends to produce.

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Salvar Space

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