6th Fleet

The 6th Fleet hails from the Southern European countries, chiefly Germany and Italy. They were created for swift incursions into hostile environments, breaking rogue Corporations and dismantling pirate operations piece by piece. The 6th distinguished itself in The Battle of Constantium by scoring a near total victory in the first real engagement against the Gargoyles.
The 6th is commanded by Fleet Admiral Jacob Thatcher.

Apocalypse Class:

  • IEV Ever Onward

Titan Class:

  • IEV Colossus Maximus
  • IEV Warhawk

Destroyer Class:

  • IEV Beowulf
  • IEV Bismarck
  • IEV Oliver Cromwell
  • IEV Arc Praetoria

Furies Class:

  • IEV Eternus
  • IEV Crux Terminatus
  • IEV Fervent
  • IEV Terminus Est
  • IEV Augustus
  • IEV Kaiser
  • IEV Defiant
  • IEV Krieg
  • IEV Silent Vigil
  • IEV Rubicon

Power Armor Marines are called the “Praetorians”

  • Ranged: Heavy Concussion Rifle – 3d10 (Pg.73 D20 Future)
  • Melee: Vibration Lance – 2d8 Piercing
  • Armor: +2 Durability bonus to Armor (Defense: 32)

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6th Fleet

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