May 29th, 2604 AD

On the surface of Bazaar, the alien menace still lurks and waits. A warning to all who travel through space, be careful of distress beacons and looping messages, as the Genociders are learning how to set up effective ambushes, who many spacefarer’s of fallen prey to. Captain Magnus Hotwiler and his crew landed planetside yesterday and was attacked by specialized Genocider Types. Now confirmed to be an assassin type, who are already being dubbed “Viper” by combat veterans and survivors of assassination attacks. Humanity’s heroes across our worlds are falling victim to these truly terrifying machines, several dozen veterans of this war having already been found neatly murdered and stuffed into walls, closets, floors, ceilings, etc. The military is mobilizing to aid in the protection of those that remain.


January 31st, 2604

The effects of the destruction of the Nexus System are truly being felt several months later. The stock markets of every world is on the brink of failure and jobs are becoming scarce, as many businesses were based heavily on Bazaar and Hub, they cannot afford to continue. The war against the Genociders, while successful is proving highly expensive, taxes have been rising to meet the demand for more firepower against them. Already rioting has broken out on Earth and Eden in the smaller population centers of each planet. Crime is rising dramatically with the loss of billions of jobs, several lower end suburbs have steadily turned into slums of drug trade and crime. Relations with the Terran Conglomerate are becoming strained as they struggle to pay the increased protection taxes and damage values of the Six Fleets of Earth, negotiations are ongoing.


On January 28th, 2604 The MEV Wildchild was attacked by what is widely believed to have been pirate raiders, Captain Magnus Hotwiler and several of his crew members were with him on a personal errand at the time and he is safe, but the ship he inherited from the late Capt. Marco Ragnos is a blasted wreck and its crew massacred. Captain Magnus is now on the hunt for who did this and is also wanting to learn the whereabouts of his Bridge Officer Elizabeth Lorenz who was kidnapped during the raid. She is five to six months pregnant, dark hair, tanned skin, and about 5’7” – 5’9” tall. If anyone has seen someone matching this description they should contact the local authorities.

January 30th, 2604


Earlier in the week it was discovered that the alien presence on Constantium was not absolute and that the Triumph System was indeed still very much alive. The 4th Fleet is currently eliminating the Genocider presence in the system.
Fleet Admiral Constans Shamshel had this to say, “The Fourth arrived and the fighting began, I must say, that the Wildchild and her captain made the difference…Captain Hotwiler is the true hero, personally spearheading an all-out assault into the guns of the enemy. God truly smiled on him that day.”
Already the population of the Triumph System are hailing Cpt. Magnus Hotwiler as the Savior of Constantium. Cpt. Magnus could not be reached for comment as he had important business on Mars to attend to, but the people of the United Earth Confederation want the Hero of Earth to know that they are thankful of him and the exploits of his team.

November 30th, 2603


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