Xeerimus Lazershred

Cyborg Dreadnought


Experience: Strong Hero 2/ Cyborg 10/ Dreadnought 1
Medium, Male, 6’9, 410 lbs

Str 34 (+12)
Dex 16 (+3)
Con 18 (+4)
Int 10 (0)
Wis 10 (0)
Cha 8 (-1)

HP: 150
AC: 35
Flat-footed AC: 33
Touch AC: 28

Speed: 50
Initiative modifier: 3

BaB: 9

Fort Save: 17 (+4 on endure type saves)

Ref Save: 6

Will Save: 4

Special Save modifiers:


Weapon Attack bonus damage critical Range, if any miscellaneous modifiers, like trip or whatever, ammunition, etc.
Odin +24 3d8+14 17-20/x2 10ft 2 claw attacks, +4d6 Electricity, can rip flesh
Thrym 18/13/+8 4d8+20 17-20/x2 10ft Ignores 10 hardness, activate to ignore 30
Thor + 6 3d8+3 20/x3 80ft Energy Damage


Name Armor category Check penalty speed weight notes
NAPA 10 Power -2(unhindered) 50 60 lbs

Skills: (include all skills that have ranks, or misc modifiers to them)

Intimidate 7 (8 -1 Misc mods)
Jump 25 (15 12 -2)
Listen 11 (15 0 -4)
Spot 13 (15 0 -2)
Tumble 11 (8 3 Misc mods)

Flaws and Traits:

  • Shaky
  • Inattentive

  • Endurance
  • Power Attack
  • Cleave
  • Great Cleave
  • Heroic Surge
  • Weapon Focus (Natural Weapons)
  • Armor Prof. (Light)
  • Armor Prof. (Medium)
  • Armor Prof. (Powered)
  • Oathbound (Crew)
  • Improved Damage Threshold
  • Great Fortitude
  • Strong Plus

    Class or Special Abilities:
  • Melee Smash
  • Improved Melee Smash
  • Improved Robotic Hand (2 claw attacks, Str +2)
  • Servomotor Augmentation (Str +4)
  • Adrenal Booster 3/day (+4 Str, +4 Con, -2 Dex, for 3 +new Con mod rounds)
  • Composite Skin and Bone (Damage Resistance 1, Energy Resistance [Electricity])
  • Fearless
  • Stability
  • Unhindered
  • Strong as an Ox(*)
  • Favored Enemy (Mercenaries) +4

  • English

Unicom .5 Universal Communicator 1
Aquaconverter 4 Provides oxygen underwater 1
Advanced Medkit 18 +6 heal 6
Fastuse Medkit 18 +4 heal, can use quickly 6
Flash-Seal 20 seals things 20
Neural Scrambler 20 mental cuffs 20
Portable Envirogen 5 Creates portable environment 1
Duracable + Grappler tag 4 Grappling Hook 1
HUD 0 Many easy access interfaces 1
Jetpack 22 60ft perfect maneuverability 1

Total carried weight: 111.5

Carrying Capacity: Light:3728 Medium:7456 heavy:11200 LOH: 11200 LOG: 22400 D/P: 56000

Born on mars, He is the first son of Gabriel and Michelle Delacroix. Birth name Oliver Delacroix. His mother and father were both miners on Mars for their entire lives. They are very experienced with all heavy machinery.

When Oliver and his brother Oswald became adolescents they grew hungry for adventure. Always exploring the mountainous terrain of mars and digging by hand what most would just use machines for.When Oswald turned 17, Oliver suggested that they both leave Mars to explore the other planets and see what space had to offer.

Their parents were very understanding folk and decided that it would be unfair to keep their boys from doing what they truly wanted. Gabriel and Michelle bid farewell to their children and assisted them on leaving Mars as well as supplying them with enough money and the right equipment to survive their journey for the first few months.

The first planet the boys visited was Bazaar. They quickly learned of the ways of combat as much of it occurred on the trade planet. Quickly gaining a sort of bloodlust for fighting. The boys began to practice combat together every day while performing odd jobs for those around them. Oliver took up hand-to-hand combat whereas Oswald took up the way of the sword.

After some time, approximately 3 years, the felt they were ready to take on much bigger jobs and so they decided to become mercenaries. The boys were very good at what they did but also very naive. Many of the corporations they ran missions for would hold out on some of the pay by listing unreasonable costs that the boys somehow incurred while performing their mission. Th boys quickly grew the wiser about these happenings and began stealing from the Corporations that would dare cheat them after doing such a fine job. Most notable is Entereri Corp where Oswald stole the prototype vibration sword that he named Artemis.

On the most recent job they had taken they were sent straight into a trap by an angry organization that learned of their thefts. The boys would have certainly met their end had it not been for the swift appearance of Magnus Hotwiler. Magnus and his men made quick work of the assaulters and found the boys lying on the ground near death.

Magnus took the boys in and used his large amount of wealth and the expert hands of Codename: Sundae to enhance the boys with cybernetics. When the boys awoke, Magnus offered them a job at Magnus corporation as a team of bodyguards for hire. Protection wasn’t the boys strong suit but, they felt they owed this man their lives and so they performed whatever tasks Magnus gave them.

Magnus suggested that the boys go by codenames to throw off those corporations they made so angry. Thus, Oliver changed his name to Zeerimus Lazershred and Oswald changed his name to Graviton Dreadslash.

Xeerimus Lazershred

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