Apollo Arkon

Helix Cyberwarrior


Male, 6’11, 340Ibs

Fast Hero 5, Helix Warrior 4, Cyberwarrior 4

Str 16 (8 + 4 genetic alterations + 4 power armor)
Dex 24 (15 + 3 levels +4 artificial twitch fiber + 2 genetic alterations)
Con 26 (16 + 6 redundant organs + 4 genetic alterations)
Int 10 (10)
Wis 10 (10)
Cha 11 (11)

HP: 210

AC: 40 (10 + 9 from class + 10 from armor + 4 from dex + 8 from subcutaneous body armor – 1 Large)
Flat-footed AC: 36

Touch AC: 23

Speed: 75 (30 base + 15 fast hero + 20 north american powered armor + 10 prosthetic booster)

Initiative modifier: 7

BaB: 10

Fort Save: 15 (+4 on body affecting checks)

Ref Save: 12

Will Save: 4


gauss rifle +22/17 4d6+10 x2 20 60ft +2d6 vs synthetics, stuns synthetics for 1d3 rounds (cyborgs fort DC 15 save or stun), ammo = infinite from power pack
plasma rifle +22/17 5d10+10 x2 20 80ft ammo = infinite from power pack
vibrodagger +14/9 2d6+3 x2 19-20 10ft
plasma pistol (in right hand) +22/17 4d10+10 x2 20 40ft

heavy rail gun +22/17 6d12+10 x2 20 150ft


North American Powered Armor +10 Powered -4 60Ibs worn
subcutaneous body armor +8 natural sub-dermal

Skills: (include all skills that have ranks, or misc modifiers to them)

computer use 15 (13 0 2)
craft (mechanics) 5 (5 0 0)
diplomacy 3 (3 0 0)
hide 10 (7 7 -4)
knowledge tactics 9 (9 0 0)
listen -4 (0 0 -4)
move silently 10 (7 7 -4)
pilot 17 (9 7 1)
profession 6 (6 0 0)
spot -2 (0 0 -2)
survival 2 (0 0 2)
swim 3 (0 3 0)
tumble 13 (10 7 -4)

Flaws and Traits:

  • noncombatant
  • inattentive

  • personal firearms proficiency
  • endurance
  • point blank shot
  • double tap
  • precise shot
  • light armor proficiency
  • medium armor proficiency
  • cyborg (kata calculator, offensive)
  • heroic surge
  • implant awareness
  • cyborg (redundant organs +6, subcutaneous body armor + 8)
  • powered armor proficiency

    Class or Special Abilities:
  • speed +15ft
  • evasion
  • uncanny dodge
  • expanded implants (artificial twitch fiber +4)
  • expanded implants (redundant organs +4) (removed)
  • haul
  • light sleeper
  • survivor
  • darkvision 60ft
  • expanded implants (Prosthetic Booster)
  • strong as an ox

  • English

North American Powered Armor 60Ibs worn
combination plasma & gauss rifle 14Ibs held
vibroknife 1Ib in powered armor sheath
targeting hud 1Ib worn on head (inside helmet)
power backpack 3Ibs worn on back
officer uniform worn
plasma pistol in right hand
heavy rail gun 20Ibs clipped to left shoulder
heavy rail gun shards (5 clips of 20) attached to powerpack

Total carried weight: 99

Carrying Capacity: Light:266 Medium:532 heavy:800

Physical Description: Apollo is a human male with cybernetic and biotic enhancement of greatly above average hight, close cropped brown hair, and grey eyes with a hint of green that reflect the death at Constantium. He stands with tall posture of a navel officer.

Personality: Before the battle over Constantium Apollo a reputation for recklessness and arrogance, but after witnessing the death of many of his friends and squadmates during the battle Apollo has taken a turn for the serious side, often greeting people with stoic eyes and a brief salute. In situations that remind him of his great success before the battle of Constantium, and in situations of heavy stress Apollo shows signs of his former self berating his foes insults and terrifying threat, and scoffing in the face of defeat.

Quotes: “I am Apollo, son of Zues, cower as I rain fire on thee!” “Eat it, eat it, eat it!” “Killing them is a mercy, had I let them live they’d have nightmares about me for the rest of their lives.”

Friends/Contacts: Lt Geoff Raneri (1st Fleet), Lt Jg Alex Abramenko (7th Fleet)

Favored Enemy: The Robot Alien Menace who Apollo refers to as the “Geth”

Background: Appllo Arkon was born on Earth in 2581 to Zeus and Kate Arkon. Zeus was worked as a contractor for several terrain conglomerate companies, and Kate was a stay at home mom, who spent much of her time cooking and cleaning the family’s New York City condo. In his early life Apollo Arkon took interest in the military, and warfare tactics. Due to his lack of physical strength Apollo enrolled in the UEC’s Navel Academy, and became a fighter pilot in the 1st Fleet navy. Apollo has proven himself time and time again as a ace pilot, excellent marksmen, and up until the battle of Constantium, his ego showed it. Arkon currently holds the rank of lieutenant in the UEC navy, and although officially stationed with the 1st Fleet, he is in service to the 7th Fleet. Apollo holds several medals of honor and valor for his heroics at Constantium. During the battle Apollo’s fighter was shot down along with a civilian transport he was covering while escorting the transport across enemy lines. Apollo rescued the surviving passengers and was able to lead them back 30 miles a UEC base; Apollo encountered and confirmed kills on over 100 enemies while one the way back to the base, Apollo was also severely injured when a peace of a downed mech Apollo and the survivors were tacking cover under broke off and fell on Apollo. Since the battle Apollo has spent over a month recovering from the injury, and receiving biotic and cybernetic enhancement, and was also drafted into the 7th Fleet where he has fought in several major engagements against the robot alien menace.

Current Assignment and Responsibilities: Apollo is currently serving as 1st officer of the MEV Wildchild Motherfucker, he is responsible for ship security as well as training tactical strike teams.

Apollo Arkon

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