Alise Pridecatch

Refugee of Bazaar / Hunter of Humanity


Experience: 4 Fast / 7 Cyberwarrior

Med, Female, 5’7", 152 lbs

Str 8 (-1)
Dex 22 (+6)
Con 16 (+3)
Int 12 (+1)
Wis 11 (0)
Cha 14 (+2)

HP: 91

AC: 38 (10+8+9+5+6)
Flat-footed AC: 33

Touch AC: 16

Speed: 30ft

Initiative modifier: 5

BaB: 10/5,
16/11 Ranged,
9/4 Melee

Fort Save: 8

Ref Save: 9

Will Save: 4


Vibro-Knife 6/1 2d6 20 x2 no range
Render Rifle 16/11 3d10 20 x2 80ft 1d4 Con Dam on failed Fort. save


Scavenged Carapace Armor +5 Med. -4 25ft 12lbs


Hide 18 (12 6 Misc mods)
Spot 12 (12 0 Misc mods)
Listen 11 (11 0 Misc mods)
Survival 12 (12 0 Misc mods)
Move Silently 20 (14 6 Misc mods)
Escape Artist 15 (9 6 Misc mods)

Flaws and Traits:

  • Plucky
  • Non-Combantant

  • Light, Medium Armor Prof.
  • Personal Firearms Prof.
  • Alien Firearms Prof.
  • Stealthy
  • Cybertaker
  • Implant Awareness
  • Defensive Martial Arts
  • Heroic Surge 3/day
  • Elusive Target

    Class or Special Abilities:
  • Evasion
  • Hardened Cybernetics
  • Opportunist

  • Subcutaneous Armor: Natural Armor +8
  • Artificial Twitch Fiber
  • Internal Weapon Mount Port
  • Reduntant Organs
  • Scanning Optics
  • Targeting Optics

  • English

Portable Environment Generator 5lbs Projects environment 30ft around the user
Item weight Misc notes if desired
Item weight Misc notes if desired
Item weight Misc notes if desired
Item weight Misc notes if desired

Total carried weight: x

Carrying Capacity: Light:x Medium:x heavy:x

She was born blind on the Moon of Hub in the Nexus System to fairly wealthy merchants, who had her eyes fitted with cybernetics. She spent most of her days partying and experimenting with illegal drugs, which permantly affected her ability to overcome disease. When the Genociders descended from the sky everyone was slaughtered like cattle around her she, and several hundred others, were rounded up and brought aboard a Factoryship of the Alien Armada. Some were killed at leisure, some tortured for weeks before death, some were simply never heard nor seen again. Alise has had extensive cybernetic surgery, in addition to her eyes, her parents were constantly worried about her habits landing her in danger and implored her to get more extensive protection, and that proved to be her saving grace. She had modified her cybernetics slowly, using alien materials and rewiring. Trial and error and with the help of more skilled prisoners. Then one day, she and several others broke free of their bondings, due to some battle going on outside, possibly the battle at Karybdis or Constantium or one of the countless skirmishes in between. They hid around the factory ship for weeks before stowing away on a frigate and crashing into the MEV Wildchild in this final escape the rest of her companions had been cut down. She is the sole survivor.
The Overmind experimented on her body and brain and controlled both. She turned on her friends at the final battle and proved impossible to kill, she was permanently shut down only when Magnus Hotwiler killed the Overmind and stopped the Alien threat dead.

Alise Pridecatch

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