September 15th, 2605

Authorities discovered a grisly scene today at a high priority corporate office of Colony Ship manufacturer, Ansi Industries. Two high ranking executives, an Albert Reuse and David Devver, were killed in a gunfight between unknown assailants and a six man security team who was gunned down to a man. It isn’t known the motives behind this heinous attack, but it appears to be random violence, investigations into employees with clearance to this branch is ongoing as police seem to think that this the work of a disgruntled employee. The names of the security officers were not released but we do know that their families are mourning their sudden and brutal demise. Ansi Industries seems to be experiencing a run of criminal bad luck as another executive was kidnapped from his office only three short days ago. Police Sargent Joseph Goeb had this to say to the perpetrators of these incidents,

“Whoever is attacking this business, your criminal acts of terrorism will not be tolerated, we will find you and we will see justice done.”

If you have any details or leads, again you are encouraged to report them to the Police or to Ansi Industries Security Office.



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